07 Apr 2018

Revamped New-Look Website Launched!

Blue Sun Consulting, based in Sri Lanka, is specialized in Operational and Business Transformation.

We collaborate with customers across multiple industries in both manufacturing and service sectors. Our extensively qualified, multi-skilled, experienced professionals will help you cut down costs and increase efficiency of your operations to strengthen your competitive advantage and meet your increasing business demand. We focus on the application of Lean Management, Six Sigma and Total Productive Maintenance methodologies through training, project mentoring and culture change. We are presently engaged with some of the largest companies conglomerates in the Island.

With our earned recognition and experience over the years, it was becoming an utmost importance to build a professional modern looking online presence, and that is why we contact the team at EchonLabs, to build a revamped website for our company.

EchonLabs is a Tech-Startup based in Sri Lanka comprising of young Tech-Enthusiasts with amazing skills. Their motivation and passion is driven at the sight of their satisfied customers, and on how much of an impact they can make to make this world a better place, as they are the generation that is just stepping in to the drivers’ seat. They custom-tailor solutions to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business so that you can give both your clients and employees a better experience. They can help you build an online presence for your business with a website, or even help you reach more customers with a mobile application, or even help you to make your business process more efficient with their enterprise solutions.

Their efficient team projected a timeline of 3-5 weeks for the development process, and they were able to get the job done in just 2 weeks. This is our new revamped website for Blue Sun Consulting.


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