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Problem Solving And Project Mentoring

We offer our experience in Problem Solving and Process Improvement projects by allocating a Consultant to study your chronical problems and pain points.

At the end of this diagnostic study, we will present our project proposal to you. If agreed, we will periodically supervise your project from start to end, and ensure that your Project Team is empowered with the right knowledge and the tools to implement the desired improvement and changes in your organization.

  • Diagnostic Study: the Consultant will analyze a specific problem affecting the customer to identify opportunities for improvements.
  • Project Proposal: the Consultant will elaborate and present a project proposal to the customer.
  • Team Development: Upon confirmation of the project proposal, the Consultant will form the Project Team with customer’s resources. The Team members will be trained in the relevant Lean and Six Sigma tools.
  • Mentoring & Implementation: the Consultant will provide periodic on-site supervision to support the Project Team and track the progress of the project.
  • Project Closure & Sustenance: upon customer’s confirmation that the project goals have been achieved, the Consultant will close the project, and the Project Team will be trained to sustain the improvements introduced.

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